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Just as you or I need insurance, our insurers also need insurance. This insurance of what is already insured is called Reinsurance. Further, what is already reinsured may also need to be reinsured further, which is called Retrocession.

This chain of protection helps enterprises all over the world to pursue their respective goals in peace.

Thus the mechanism of Reinsurance plays a key role in safeguarding the economy of the world. Reinsurance also plays other roles such as .

  1. By party taking away an insurer's book of risks on its shoulders, a reinsurer enables the insurer to assume more risks which would not have been possible otherwise because of capacity constraint.
  2. It allows insurers to accept bigger shares of risks offered.
  3. It plays a crucial role in stabilising the insurers' operating results over a period of time by absorbing big losses.
  4. It provides expertise and expertise and knowhow about new, complex and untested risks.

Facultative Reinsurance:

Here risks are reinsured individually i.e. one risk at a time. Under this arrangement, the insurer is under no obligation to offer a particular risk for reinsurance; similarly, when offered, the reinsurer has the option to accept or decline the risk.

Facultative Reinsurance can be effected on two bases - Proportional and Non-proportional

Facultative Reinsurance can be resorted to when the risk is new or complex or high valued. In case of a new or complex risk the insurer depends on the expertise of the reinsurer to be able to apply proper terms, conditions, deductibles, rates etc. In such cases the insurer actually approaches the reinsurer before assuming the risk. However, even if certain risk is very simple the insurer may be forced to seek reinsurance support, for the simple reason that the value of the risk may be exceeding the Net and treaty capacity of the insurer.

Treaty Reinsurance:

Treat is a long term contract between the insurer and the reinsurer which clearly lays down the following :
  1. Retention limits
  2. Monetary limits
  3. Mode of operation
  4. Classes of business covered
  5. Territorial scope
  6. Perils covered
  7. Risks excluded
  8. Calculation and payments of claims
  9. Calculation and payments of premia
  10. Period of agreement
Any risk which exceeds the retention limit, is ceded under the treaty and reinsurers have no option but to accept the same.

Treaties are mainly of two types viz. Proportional and Non-proportional

Proportional Treaties:

Under this arrangement, the insurer and the reinsurer share the premia and the losses in pre-agreed proportion. The common method can be combined also to protect a particular class of insurance business.

Non-proportional Treaties:

Here an insurer decides to bear losses up to certain amount called the underlying limits and losses exceeding this limit are to be paid by the reinsurer.

Broadly, there are two types :
  1. Excess of Loss : Risk and Catastrophe
  2. Excess of Loss Ratio (Stop Loss)

Advisory Matrix

Growth and success are not possible without risk. Some circumstances cannot even be conceived much less anticipated. At EMERGE Insurance, we offer you the next best thing - a diverse range of insurance opportunities and risk management solutions. By choosing the optimal solution, EMERGE Insurance will create a safety net - maximum possible coverage with lowest possible input.

EMERGE Insurance solicits risk management advice as described below :

Analysis and Assessment of Client's profile
Structuring of applicable insurance program
Marketing and negotiation of insurance program with shortlisted insurers
Policy Administration
Claims Management & Processing
Risk Management Services


At EMERGE INSURANCE, we take a holistic approach to your Insurance Portfolio. Our methodology perfected over an established service in the insurance world, assures you best in class advice for your needs. EMERGE Insurance offers insurance solutions to a variety of clientele - Corporate, Public sector Companies, Govt. Departments, groups and individuals. No matter whom the client is or what the scale of Non-life insurance required, we assure you of a thorough solution development process delivered across three phases.

» This is the first phase of getting you and your interests protected.
» Understanding the specific risk exposures involved, as well your asset values, gives us an insight into your insurance needs.
» Along with this insight, we also collate the necessary data required to approach insurers.


» Once your insurance enquiry has been floated and sufficient quotes received, they are examined for errata in coverage specifications or calculations.
» If you prefer face-time with a potential insurer whose products pique your interest, we could arrange a meeting as well.
» EMERGE INSURANCE will also continuously interact with the insurers to streamline insurance packages and minimize the payable premium.
» Our expertise is at your service to gauge the tolerance of a particular policy to potential risk and also its volatility.


» Upon selecting the most suitable plan, a Service Level Agreement will be entered into for coverage of large risks.
» We will co-ordinate with the insurer on your behalf to transmit payments and requisite documentation.
» In essence, you needn't concern yourself for completion of the formalities required for the issuance of insurance policies.
» WE are here to do all of this for you.

Continuous Services

» Any insurance policy ideally requires continual communication with your insurer.
» You needn’t burden yourself with sundry task such like maintaining documentation of all transactions and updating policies.
» EMERGE Insurance will also closely monitor the timely renewal of your insurance policies.
» To ensure that you are prepared for the worst, we will assist you in preparing Disaster Management and Business Continuity Plans.


Over the past period, Principal Officer and team has successfully handled claims for numerous clients at various time. In case an unexpected incident is to occur, we will guide you through the claims procedure. As your medium to communicate with the insurer, we will facilitate the lodging, administration, negotiation and settlement of the claim. EMERGE INSURANCE also has the additional responsibility of advocating your case to the insurance provider. To ensure a hassle-free settlement, we will co-ordinate with the insurers to facilitate a panel of surveyors to perform the necessary examination. We are not merely salesmen, but your friend-in-need to take you through fair and foul weather. Some of our claims have been briefly outlined below.

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