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Industrial /Commercial Lines

Fire & Special Perils Insurance

Every Business has a specific set of requirements. It is pivotal to get adequate insurance cover for your business to mitigate risk. Valuable business assets could turn to ashes or undergo substantial damage due to a large number of damages. The threats to which they are vulnerable include fires, typhoon, landslide, lightning, riot, earthquakes, impact damage, floods and several allied perils. All losses that are encountered by the business due to fire or its allies are covered under this policy.

Loss of Profits/Business interruption

Insurance that provides protection for the losses of Profits and continuing fixed expenses resulting forms a break in commercial activates due to the occurrence of the peril. The protection granted in accordance with a policy formula , i.e; rate of gross profit applied to the reduction in turnover of the business in consequence of an insured peril, together with the increased cost of minimize an aggravated loss ( but not exceeding the loss so saved) arising with the maximum indemnity period (as selected to be insured).

Provision is made for the accountancy definitions and the business, the premises and the insured to be defined. The perils insured (for which there must normally be counter – Part physical damage cover) can extend to include those normal to property insurances and such special perils as failure of public electricity or gas supply., loss from infectious disease for hotel and similar trades, or electrocution of cattle in farming risks.

Marine, cargo & Hull insurance

Marine insurance is the oldest type of insurance. It has been in existence for long and has its origins in the Greek and Roman maritime loan. Marine Insurance covers the loss or damage of Ships, Cargo, terminals and any transport or cargo by which property is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and final destination Marine Insurance covers both Cargo & Hull insurance.

Marine Hull insurance covers loss or damage to hull and machinery. Hull is the structure of the vessel. Machinery is the equipment that generates the power to move the vessel and control the lighting and temperature system such as boiler, engine, cooler and electricity generator. Typically any vessel that moves and floats like a boat such as yacht, cruise, liner, tanker etc can be covered by hull insurance.

Marine Cargo policy Provides covers for loss of, or damage to, goods at sea. Cargo can be damaged by stranding, grounding, sinking, burning, collisions, faults or errors in navigation, heavy weather, entry of sea or river water, jettison, washing overboard ships, sweat condensation, improper stowage by the carrier, hook damage , theft or pilferage, war strikes or natural perils.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance aims to protect you from the risks of financial liabilities brought on by claims, settlements and lawsuits. Liability insurance looks at payments directed mostly to third parties i.e. the aggrieved rather than the insurer. Most policies would not cover intentional damage or contractual liability.

Worker men’s compensation Insurance

A workman is an individual one who is employed to do business or labor for another. The workmen's Compensation Act applies to all employees included within the specified definition. This places a legal liability on employers to insulate employees in certain unforeseen eventualities. As an employer, you can cover this liability to employees in case of accidental death, injury or work- related diseases.

Public Liability Insurance

This refers to insurance coverage aimed at providing immediate relief to people affected by an accident occurring while handling a hazardous substance. PLI is also mandated by law. If you are to become legally liable to pay damages to third parties who result in accidental death, physical injury or damage to the property, such a policy would financially indemnify you. Ancillary costs like legal expense may also be covered.

Product Liability

Product Liability Insurance seeks to provide coverage for your business from claims related to the manufacturing or sale of products that result in loss or injury to a customer or a third party, this damage being caused by a defect, malfunction or failure to warn. Improper usage mat be used as an exception.

Directors & officer Liability

Directors & officer insurance protects directors and officers against lawsuits or settlements for wrongful acts performed by them while in their professional positions. Such wrongful acts include errors, omissions, misrepresentation, negligence or breach of duty.

Errors & omissions Insurance

Professionals are also human. However, error and omissions whilst rendering professional service might result in financial loss to a client. Errors and Omissions Insurance seeks to shield you from financial liability in case of claims for errors & omissions or negligence. Extended coverage may be sought for malpractice and wrong acts. This type of insurance is essential for diverse industries - insurance, real state, construction & design, third-party administrators (TPAs) etc.

Miscellaneous Insurance

Burglary Insurance Coverage

The Policy covers against loss or damage by Burglary House Breaking (i.e theft following upon actual, forcible & violent entry of &/or exit from the premises including Holdup risk, in respect of contents of offices, warehouses, shops, etc. & cash in safe or strong room & also damage caused to the premises .


The Policy does not cover loss or damage arising from war & war like operations , Riot & strike , civil Commotion , Terrorist activities convulsion of nature & consequential loss by use of the keys to safe unless obtained by force or threat, caused by insured ‘s employees or member of the family.

Property covered

Property whilst contained in the premises, which includes a) Stock in Trade i.e. your property pertains to the business or Occupation. b) Goods held in trust or commission for which you are responsible c) Furniture, fixtures, fittings, utensils and appliances in Trade , d) Money in lock safe, e) all other contents unless specifically declared for insurance.

Property not covered

Goods or silver articles, watches or jewellery or precious stones or model or coins or curious, sculptures, manuscripts, books, plans mdedals,moulds design deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, banks treasury or promissory notes, cheques, money other than in the locked safe, securities , stamps unless specifically insured

Cash in transit and cash in safe

Enterprises that require to transport or hold large amounts of cash as part of the business process are often hesitant to do so due to security concerns. However, specific insurance coverage can be taken for loss of cash, currency notes, coins, securities and cheques- both whilst in transit and/or in locked safe on your premises. However, some polices will not extend to loss of cash entrusted to unauthorized persons or due to fraud, dishonesty, riots or terrorist activates.

In case of cash-in-transit Insurance, details of the mode of manner of transport, nature of cash receptacle, presence of armed guards etc. will have to be provided to the insurer. Other details like maximum amount carried in a single transit, location of destination and route will also need to be conveyed. Additional coverage may also be sought for loss sustained due to damage to safe containing the cash whilst in transit.

Cash-in-safe Insurance pertains to money stored in a locked and secured storage facility on your premises. The insurer will need to ascertain the nature of business transactions that occur in the premises to determine the volume of cash required coverage. Details numbers of keys and their possessors and security measures against burglaries and hold ups will also need to be given. Separate coverage may be sought for loss of cash by armed robbery during working hours and loss of cash during non- business hours.

Fidelity Guarantee

Although all companies aim to employ the best talent, this is not always possible. You need to protect your business against financial losses caused by dishonest employees who are aware of internal weakness. Such insurance should ideally cover theft of money or securities, fraudulent conversion, embezzlement, forgery, burglary, counterfeiting, and computer / wire transfer fraud.

Specific protection may also be taken for crimes committed by employees in the course of performance of the duties. This is deal for cashiers and storekeepers – employees in positions of trust.

Servicing - Sectors

By working with a diverse range of industries, EMERGE Insurance has developed proficiency in sector-specific risk management. From heavy industry and production & manufacturing to cutting-edge software, we are here to guard your interests.

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